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52 Weeks Discussion > Day 2 Thoughts - Genesis 4-6

The author had some very insightful comments regarding the meaning of names in the genealogy mentioned in Genesis 5 and how they actually provide for us an outline of the Bible. Never thought of that before ....

Love what he wrote near the end of the day's study: "And at the Second Coming of Christ, when He comes in power and smites the nations, putting His enemies under His feet, He will bring in that period of rest on the earth that we call the millennium" ....... it "is the theme of the entire Bible and that to which all of human history is moving!" When I read that, I got excited. That's exactly what we've been studying in our Sunday school series -- how the purpose of the millennium is to fulfill the promises that God made with the nation of Israel. Everything is culminating to that point! And to think that we'll be inhabitants and participants in that kingdom .... WHAT A BLESSED AND GREAT FUTURE WE HAVE WAITING FOR US AS BELIEVERS IN CHRIST!

March 2, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ken

I must say that I have not previously seen the timeline presented in the names of the ten men here in Gen 5. I am not surprised to see these things in the Word of God as i have found that truth is woven through the entire Bible through such patterns, types and pictures and it is always exciting for me to find those as they strengthen our knowledge of the sculpture, understanding and faith.

As I read todays lesson and thinking of understanding the Bible as circle rather than linear. My previous study of the book of Revelation has certainly brought me to a better understanding of God dealing with what begins in Genesis is perfectly developed through the entire Bible and finds fulfillment in the Book of Revelation. I am aware that many more exist but here as some examples.

Genesis Revelation

The first Man & Earth The new Heaven and New Earth

The First Garden The new Garden (Heavenly City)
Tree of Life Guarded Tree of Life Available

The First Marriage The Last Marriage (And that is the Lamb)

Satan tempts Eve to Sin Satan thrown into the Lake of Fire

Death enters the scene "no more death"

Babylon built Babylon destroyed

The Redeemer promised The Redeemer Reigns

March 5, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Arthur