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52 Weeks Discussion > Week 2, Day 2 thoughts - Genesis 19-21 -- What about Lot?

A "Lot" (pardon the pun) of good stuff in today's reading and commentary - especially regarding "Lot." I thought the way the author presented the progression in Lot's downward spiral into sin was certainly descriptive of the process that takes place in every believer's life.

One thing that struck me, however, was in the author's use of the passage in 2 Peter when he said that "God affirms through Peter (2 Pet. 2:7-8) that Lot (like many believers today) was saved -- "yet so as by fire" (1 Cor. 3:15)." What struck me as I looked at that passage in 2 Peter, is that it doesn't appear to me that Peter was as harsh on Lot as the author of our study is being. I'm not denying that Lot will have to answer for the decisions he made and the consequences that bared out because of them (all of us will). But when you look at the passage that Peter wrote in his 2nd letter, he sounds a lot more sympathetic to Lot's situation, and actually considers him a righteous man that was tormented by the sin he observed around him. It's easier to see in some of the other translations.

The Amplified Bible says this: "And He rescued righteous Lot, greatly worn out and distressed by the wanton ways of the ungodly and lawless -- for that just man, living [there] among them, tortured his righteous soul every day with what he saw and heard of [their] unlawful and wicked deeds ...".

The NIV says: "... and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard) ..."

The NASB says: "... and if He rescued righteous Lot, oppressed by the sensual conduct of unprincipled men (for by what he saw and heard that righteous man, while living among them, felt his righteous soul tormented day after day by their lawless deeds) ...".

The NLT says: "But God also rescued Lot out of Sodom because he was a righteous man who was sick of the shameful immorality of the wicked people around him. Yes, Lot was a righteous man who was tormented in his soul by the wickedness he saw and heard day after day."

Anyhow, it's just an observation I had. As I said, it seemed strange to me to throw that passage in with the 1 Cor. 3:15 passage, as I don't see it really backing up that thought. On the contrary, the passage in 2 Peter sure sounds like it describes a man who did care about righteousness (we actually see that as well with the incident in his wanting to protect the angels from carnal abuse by the men of the city), and that the unrighteousness he witnessed around him bothered him greatly. Again, just a thought -- maybe Lot thought he could be a positive testimony to those around him and be the example that could bring about change. It will be interesting to find out one day (we could actually ask Lot ourselves).

Of course, the main point of what is said in 2 Peter is in using the example of Lot to show that not only will God judge the wicked, He can also remove the godly person from those situations of temptation.

Other thoughts?

March 7, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ken

I've had to do some make-up reading, but have enjoyed the material very much! Ken, if you get to talk to Lot his'self, would that be like winning the Lot-tery???

March 8, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterHillbilly

Aargh .....

March 9, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Ken

I do not remember learning that God promised to make of Ishmael a great nation.

March 17, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterDiane

I don't remember one way or the other whether I had previously learned that or not, however, I thought it was interesting to learn this either for the first time or again as well. What was also interesting to me was learning that the Arabs descended from Ishmael and in the same way he and Isaac were at war with each other, the Israelites (Isaacs descendants) and the Arabs (Ishmael's descendants) are continuing to war with one another.

March 20, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJamie F.