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We brined our turkey this year and it turned out wonderful. We brined for about 12 hours, cooked the turkey at 500 degrees for about 30 minutes, added some chicken stock (about 1 cup), then covered it and cooked at 200 degrees until the internal temperature reached 160 degrees. The carry-over took it to the final internal temperature. It was super moist and full of flavor.

3 gallons of water
2 cups Kosher salt
1 cup brown sugar
Junioer berries
Pepper corns
Bay leaf
Garlic head cut in half

Dissolve salt and sugar in a large vessel such as a stewing pot ot cooler. Add spices to taste, place turkey in brine, cover, and let set over night up to 12 hours.

After brining, remove turkey, pat dry with paper towels, rub turkey with canola oil, and spice with your favorite spices.

November 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAdam Munn